Saturday, April 21, 2012

Zerophilia: Looking Up

 “So, let's go for a ride.” Julie said.

Just don't expect it to be like your bike.” Kiva said.

It'll still be fun. Let's just go!” Julie exclaimed.

After getting it started back up, Julie hopped on the back and they were off down the driveway to the street. After they were clear from the house, Julie let go of the luggage bars and held her self close to Kiva via her waist. Kiva shifts to second speeding to around fifty, she could feel Julies chin on her shoulder.

I feel safe on this death trap!” Julie laughed.

Oh, ha ha, Julie.” Kiva said.

She comes to a stop at a traffic light and Julie scoots closer and slides her hands down the front of her pants. Kiva looks down in confusion as she feels Julies fingers lift her boxers elastic band away.

Hey, sweetie; green light.” Julie whispered.

Oh, sorry,” mustered Kiva.

Can you show me?” Julie asked.

Show you what?” Kiva asked.

You said the medication left you with a side effect,” said Julie as she found her clit. “Prove it.”

Can it?” Kiva asked.

Not without turning all the way, show me.” Julie answered.

Kiva took a deep breath and turned her vagina in to a penis. Julie grabbed it and her balls in her hand and messaged them gently. That's totally awesome, I wish I could do that, said Julie. She then started to stroke it, letting one hand free to grab her breast. see it?” Kiva asked nervously.

Your junk? Eww, I don't wanna see your junk, dude.” Julie said returning her hands to Kiva's waist.

I've gotta get some gas,” said Kiva turning in to a gas station.

She took out a small bottle of two stroke oil from her purse and added it to the gas tank before walking in the store. As she was walking back to the pump, Julie was leaning against the pump smoking a cigarette. Kiva was trying to figure out what just happened before getting to the pump. Julie noticed the pump beeping, so she started to pump gas. Kiva lit her one as well and sat on the moped.

So, you like the new stuff my dad put on?” Julie asked.

Yeah, it's pretty cool.” Kiva said.

Know what else is cool,” asked Julie. “I got to meet another person like me.”

Yeah, that is pretty fuckin dope.” Kiva said.

Where do you wanna go?” Julie asked.

I don't know. Do you like me?” Kiva asked, confused.

Yeah I do. We are friends right? Why wouldn't I like you?” Julie asked hanging up the gun.

I mean like a crush?” Kiva explained.

Naw, chick! We're just friends!” Julie laughed.

They get on the moped and drive off. Julies hands never leave the luggage bars.

So like are you bi or something?” Kiva asked.

Yeah, I think all zerophiliacs are. Kinda goes with the territory.” Julie answered.

Oh.” Kiva answered. Then it was quiet for a while.

Hey, weird thing is; I'm a virgin, but I feel like a nympho sometimes. I have dreamed of having sex with another zerophiliac. Which is funny cause sex isn't even something I care about. I'm just happy doing me. I don't even masturbate. Isn't that weird?” Julie blurted out.

Yeah, that is kinda weird. But, I guess it's better than what I've done.” Kiva said.

You're not a bad person. It doesn't make you a bad person. It's just easy. With a body like yours, those abs and those hips, I wish I had those curves. Your body is sexy. I would love to caress you, James would love to kiss your body.” Julie said.

Julie? I think I need to go home and think. Plan what I need to do.” Kiva said.

No problem. Stay on the right path. I don't want my new friend to get hurt.” Julie said.

Kiva dropped her back off at home. Before she walked off, she looked Kiva right in the eye and whispered, bye beautiful and kissed her on the lips. Kiva was left confused. She watched her run to the house and give a small wave before closing the door. On the way home she stopped at this pizza place to pick up an application. With the moped locked up and Kiva safely in the basement, she changes back to Jax.

Well, that was weird. I never expected anything like that from her. I just can't ignore that shit though,” he thought out loud to himself. “I mean, she sez she just wants to be friends but she's playing with my stuff, but don't wanna see it. Kisses me, tells me pretty much she wants to have sex and acts like nothing happened.”

He lights a cigarette and stares at the t.v.

I wish I had Sam and Frankie's numbers, so I could ask them. Maybe take it to the board.” Jax said.

He gets on the computer and to the zerophilia messageboard and explains how he met another zerophiliac and how they found out how each other was. Then he told about what happened. All while hoping she wasn't a member there.

The next morning he got up early to return the application and got the job for a delivery driver. Because of child labor law's, he'll only be working a few days a week and within a certain mileage. When he got home, he ate a small lunch and decided to cruise around town. Riding all over downtown, making his way to Olde Velocity and trying to see how fast he could take the round-a-bout in St. Vincent's court, moved on towards stillwall going past all the little shops and bars and houses. All he could think is how he felt at home here. Seventy-five percent of the LGBT community lived here. He sat at the intersection of Dover and Picard and took it all in. A car pulled up beside him as he smoked a cigarette.

Hey, nice moped, honey! Can I have a ride?!” Yelled some guy from the window.

Next time, I promise!” Jax yelled back.

Jax turned east on Picard and something, more-so someone caught his eye. A girl was sitting in the park playing a guitar. Her pink hair caught his eye. He pulled in to the park and stopped by the bench she was sitting at. She glanced at him and continued playing the gutar. She was playing a rift to some rock song he could barely remember. When she was done, she looked him up and down as he sat on the moped, she noticed his three strap boots with his trip pants tucked in, his pink shirt and finally, his eye's. She looked in to his eye's and was feeling enticed by the two colors.

I like your hair.” Jax said.

Thanks. So what are you, some kinda bad boy wanna be or something?” She asked.

No. I'm a Goth. I have enough problems without trying to be a delinquent.” Jax laughs.

Oh, I thought you were one of those gay bikers kids or something. They always like to pick with me.”

Why would they want to pick with such a cute girl?” Jax asked.

You're not from around here are you?” She asked.

No, I'm not. I'm just cruising around. The names Jax,” he said.

You can call me Stella. How old are you?” Stella asked.

Fourteen.” Jax answered. He got off the bike and sat beside her.

I just turned fifteen.” Stella said.

So, why do you get fucked with so much, you seem nice enough. You're pretty and I won't let anyone hurt you while I'm around.” Jax said.

I really don't know why they fuck with me.” Stella said.

Just before Jax could say another word, two more mopeds rolled up where they were sitting. Two boys, one of them grabbed Stella's guitar.

Hey, give me back my guitar, Jason.” Stella demanded.

The freak is hanging out with another freak?” Jason asked.

Look at his junky moped.” Said Brenden.

My shit ain't junky, son. Give her the guitar back.” Jax said.

The only thing I plan on doing is smashing this thing on the ground.” Jason threatened.

Stella got up to snatch the thing out of his hand but he pushed her and she tripped over the bench and fell.

My mom, gave me that guitar!” Stella yelled.

Jax went to help her up and he heard a moped fall over. When he turned around, it was his. After he got her stood up he turned around to pick up his bike and Brenden pushed him on to it.

Fuckin freaks!” He laughed. “You don't know who you're messin with, kid.”

Jax looks at Stella, those eyes she found alluring where now filled with a rage. He stood up and looked Brenden square in the eyes and told him, “You don't know who you're fucking with, little boy. When I'm done, I don't want to find out you still mess with her” With that, he leans back and head-butts Brenden with enough force to send him stumbling back.

Fuck your dead mom. Fuck you and your shit.” Jason said, prepared to smack the guitar on the arm of the bench.

As Jax was about to go and take it, Brenden grabbed him and yelled for Jason to break it on his head. Jax stomped his foot twice and kicked his shin, when he let go he spun with a right hook and dropped him on his ass. Jason swung the guitar at his head and he ducked.

That's not gonna fuckin happen twice!” Jax yelled catchinig and snatching it away on the second swing.

Brenden got up just in time to see Jax, kick Jason in the jaw. He stumbles and comes back before Jax kicks both of them in the stomach. He hands Stella the guitar and throws a few quick mock punches, ready.

The next time I find out, yall fuck with her, I'm gonna beat the shit out of you mother fuckers. The next time anybody fucks with her I'm gonna beat the shit out of them and you. I don't give a fuck if if it's some random nobody on the other side of town, you don't even know,” Jax explained. “Now pick up my bike.

Brenden picked his bike up, they both silently drive away. Stella walks up to Jax and gives him a hug.

Thank you. But, they probably won't stop fucking with me.” Stella said.

Stella, you're beautiful. If I'm not at work, I'll be cruising through here, watching.” Jax said.

He held her back, as she held him. He looked in to her eye's. “Your eyes...are a brilliant shade of blue. Your face is soft and round...” he looses his thought as he leans in and kisses her. She let's his tongue enter and clinches his back as he runs a hand through her hair. They stand and kiss for what feels like hours.

You...maybe...I think you...should come over.” Stella said breaking the kiss.

Just show me the way, Stella.” Jax said.

After Jax got the moped started, she sat on the back and he took off out of the park going west on Picard and down Kentucky street. She stopped him two and a half blocks down in front of a duplex. Jax got off and helped her off and she lead him to the right hand door. They went to her room where she held him. kissed. Stella dropped his pants and tugged on his boxers kissing just above his crotch, up his abs as he took his shirt off. Meeting his lips; Jax slid his hands under her shirt and gently up her sides lifting her shirt off. She kicked off her shoes and dropped her pants till she was in nothing but a sports bra and boy shorts, he took his boots off and stepped out his pants as they lay together on her bed. She was slightly curvy with C-cups. As Stella lay on him, she felt his erection.

You wanna do this, no matter what?” Stella asked.

Yeah...I do. I don't know why, but I open myself to you, Stella” Jax confided.

Jax then felt a slight bulge push on him. He pulled her boy shorts down, revealing a nicely sized dick. He rolled her over and kissed softly down her back, reaching around to hold it, when she sat up on her knees. Brushing away the hair; he kissed her on her neck and moved his hand to her stomach. Slowly stroking her, she moaned and reached around to stroke his. Stella laid on her back as Jax licked and kissed her dick. Then he sucked her and watched as she sat up just enough to take off her bra. Showing him her lie: Stella's a Steven. Jax stopped sucking and looking him in the eye, crawled closer and started sucking on his nipples.

You don't care that I lied?” Asked Stella.

Just because you didn't tell me, doesn't mean you lied.” Jax said.

I give myself to you.” Stella said.

Stella lays him down and starts to suck and play with his dick before sitting on it, riding nice and slow. He runs his hands through his hair, Jax holds his hips. Stella leans forward to kiss him and speeds up as he starts to reach climax. Jax rolls over and lifts Stellas legs, slowly but hard pumping, giving him another orgasm. Stella goes behind and gives him a rim job before sliding it in. Before long he cums and Jax takes his turn, cumming hard. They lay, holding each other.

So, is your real name Stella?” Jax asked.

Yes, it is. It was my moms name and I took it.” Stella explained.

Maybe...maybe that's why people fuck with you. If you're trying to be like her. They don't understand. Me, I think you're beautiful and it's your thing. I respect it.” Jax explained.

Now what?” Stella asked.

I don't know.” Jax replied.

Maybe we could get to know each other. If we're so physically attracted to each other, we should see how compatible we are.” Stella stated.

I like how you carry on her memory. I like that you live your life as a girl. It's special, like; I don't know.” Jax explained.

So you don't look gay in public?” Stella asked.

No. You could cut your hair and stop and I'd still be proud to have you on my arm. In a way you remind me of me,” Jax stated. “How did she die?”

How? She was killed. She was kinda like a hermaphrodite and my dad didn't know. One day he found out and divorced her. He slipped up and told a friend of his who found her and with some of his buddies, made her show how she was a guy and woman. Killed her in between or whatever that means. He said she could change or something.” Stella said.

Hermaphrodite?” Jax asked.

Something like that, he called her.” Stella said.

Jax held his face and looked in to those indigo eye's and said; “promise me you will not repeat a word of this to no one.”

Stella nodded.

I think you mean Zerophiliac.” Jax said with caution.

uh-huh, how do you know what they are?” Stella asked nervously

No one is to know they exist-we exist. The government is extremely serious with allowing the double lives and still keeping everything on the D.L.” Jax explained.

I swear to god, I won't tell anyone. I promise. I don't wanna loose whatever this is.” Stella exclaimed.

Good, cause this feels so right to me.” Jax stated.

I still don't get how you are like hermaphrodites, can you show me?” Stella asked.

Her name is Kiva,” said Jax changing.

He changed as Stella lay on him. He could feel his body change from male to female. He sits up and looks her up and down.

Wow. You're beautiful.” Stella said amazed.

Thank you, I really don't hear that enough. So you're completely gay right?” Kiva asked.

Yeah, I am. I can't believe no one has ever said that to you.” Stella said, looking her over.

Stella, this life...this life that we live is hard. Harder than living as a crossdresser, harder than being gay. My first girlfriend couldn't handle it. I was on medication that blocked my ability, I was stuck like this for a while when I stopped and she was a lesbian. I struggle with this. I set my self free and thought it would be better. It's gotten harder. Trying to live what is really two lives. I choose to be two people. I could keep living as a guy but not after what I've been through. If I grow to love you and you grow to love me or if you just wanna be friends with bennies, you hafta love and or accept both sides of me.” Kiva said.

I think since I never had a chance to really know about my mom, because she stayed a woman, I couldn't love both of her, I can learn. I promise I won't hurt you.” Stella said.

Do you wanna go for a cruise?” Kiva asked.

Yeah, we can.” Stella agreed.

Awesome, let's go.” Kiva said changing back.

They take off down the street and go downtown. When they get to first and Dragway, Jax lights a cigarette and turns.

You smoke?” Stella ask.

Doesn't everybody?” Jax retorts.
Where are we goin?” Stella asked.

Oh, I want to go downtown to this store.“ Jax said.

At the intersection of fourth and Dragway, Nikki pulls up near Jax and Stella. Stella caught her staring at them.

Hey, that girl is staring at us over there.” Stella said.

She probably wishes she as as hot as you are,” said Jax turning to see who it was.

Jax, who's the chick?” Nikki asked.

This is Stella. We met like three hours ago.” Jax said.

Stella, this is Nikki. She was my first. She's the one I told you abut.” Jax said.

Stella frowned and nodded.

Hey, my mom was a zerofeelic before she died.” Stella said.

A what?” Nikki said.

What he is. She was one too. I think it's pretty cool.” Stella said.

Oh, yeah; I see.” Nikki said.

So, what's good girl?” Jax asked.

Not much. I got a job. I'm happy, you found somebody that can keep your secret. “ Nikki said.

Yeah, I think things are looking up for me. I got job too. I met Stella and another friend at the mall a few days back.” Jax boasted.

Hey, lemme see your eye.” Nikki asked.

Jax lowered his glasses and showed her his gray eye.

Dude, that's kinda awesome.” Nikki exclaimed.

He saved me from some bullies today. You shouldn't have let her go.” Stella said.

Yeah, I know. It scared me and I ran away. If you like him, him and her, stay. He's good people and a person you'd want in your crew.” Nikki explained.

I owe him.” Stella said.

And Stella, he should be happy to be with such a beautiful girl.” Nikki said.

You never called me that. Beautiful. I never felt that way.” Jax spoke.

I'm sure I have, Jax.” Nikki said.

No, you didn't. You should know that that word is something entirely different than cute or pretty. My friend Julie, called me that sincerely and it gave me a feeling I can't explain. I know I'm cute, handsome and sexy, I just never felt like that.” Jax said.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I never said it. You are beautiful. I mean it. I still feel for you. Kiva, you are beautiful and never think any less.” Nikki said.

Yeah, babe. You are. Anyone who doesn't think so are retarded.” Stella agreed.

Stop blocking the road. Move it!” Yelled a cop behind them.

Okay, I gotta pick up something for my scooter. See ya Jax.” Nikki said.

Yeah, see you around.” Said Jax.

They both split ways.

I think we could work. We'd hafta work on the smoking thing.” Stella said.

I know, you should start smoking.” Jax suggested.

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